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Links are provided only as reference to related content and informational resources; and neither agrees nor disagrees with all information which might be found at them. 

Always use discretion and proven research practices when gathering information for important topics such as your health.
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Quing-It ~ Your one-stop source for product ingredient information!

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Learn for yourself
about the potential dangers through exposure, to a wide variety of  damaging, even sometimes deadly ingredients used in everyday consumer products; including products we inhale, ingest, and otherwise expose ourselves to, often on a regular basis. 

Science is drawing some convincing and disturbing conclusions with regard to the real dangers around us.  Besides the air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and other general pollution we generate, we are also exposed to pollutants and toxins in many of our foods, beverages, snacks, gum, candy; in some of our cosmetics and health/hygiene products (shampoos/conditioners, soaps, mascaras and other make-up, deodorants, perfumes, colognes, even toothpastes and mouth-rinses--and much more!); in our household cleaning, laundry and other similar products; in our modern materials for buildings, food storage and preservation, food processing; automotive products, and a host of other potentially "unsafe-for-human" substances and exposures.

While we cannot demand immediate and abrupt discontinuance of some of these dangerous substances and ingredients, we can certainly become as educated and as wise about them as possible...given the wealth of data and information that is now available.  We can choose to purchase products with safe ingredients, that's about all.  Be sure to look for safe, non-toxic, non-harmful and otherwise non-damaging product ingredients in as many things as possible!  That way, if enough of us demand safer products, manufacturers (and even government!) might get the message; that "we're not going to take it anymore!"

Click on the banners below, to view some Google-Squared generated data; gathered from available online resources; about product ingredients and potential dangers associated with them.

Please understand that the data and information in these Google-Squared generated tables is NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS FINAL, FACTUAL, or otherwise authoritative and complete within the topic or subject area.  As with all Internet data and information, the information, links, or other  data-related components of these tables are intended to be used with other similar related data and information from alternate sources.  These tables are strictly intended for helping to provide a generalized categorization of data and information relative to keywords/key-phrases and other typical web-search practices.  In addition, because so much data is available, and because the Google-Squared tables are limited to 200 rows and 12 columns, the table data and information is "inherently incomplete".  Use these as your starting-points for gathering and evaluating for yourself the data that is available on these topics.  It should also be understood that the data, information, and links in these tables has not been thoroughly screened; thus, some might be inconsistent with, or even unrelated to, the general search kewords/key-phrases.  Please overlook any such data or information, just as you would with any typical web-search data returns.


Good news at!
I want to extend congratulations and accolades to , for coming out with their cell-phone application (iPhone) for scanning barcodes for product ingredient information; complete with GoodGuide's health, environmental, and other ratings.  Right in the store; right while you shop!   
GoodGuide currently provides this kind of instantaneous data on thousands (and growing!) of consumer products, including processed foods, cosmetics, household chemicals, and more; through their (free?) iPhone(r) application. 
I am thrilled that this concept is now a reality!  And, I am thrilled that made it happen!  The idea is one that I have been hoping would come about for consumers; though I did not see how I could do it myself.  I am glad to see it taking good form at GoodGuide. 
Hopefully, this will help consumers to resist the disease-related substances we are exposed to in everyday living.  And, ultimately, perhaps manufacturers of those substances and products will be forced to concoct, create, manufacture and distribute safer products to what USED to be "an ignorant and gullible public".
Not any more!  Thanks to !

Other links!
, if you wish to know more about a particular product's ingredients, you will say; "Let's Quing-It, for product ingredient information!"  You will simply scan the product's UPC, EAN, or other product identification symbol with your specially equipped and web enabled cell phone or PDA, or even a specially designed electronic key-chain adjunct.  That quick scan will launch a web application which will provide a quick overall evaluation of the product ingredients of that particular item, with regard to those ingredients' potential for hazards or dangers through exposure; whether ingested, absorbed, breathed, or otherwise taken into the body. 

We could become a healthier people;
instead of a people growing older only to become dependent on chemical pharmaceuticals and costly health care; by avoiding products with known harmful ingredients, we could decrease our overall body-burden, and become healthier.  And, we could ultimately force manufacturers and producers of dangerous consumer items to come up with safer alternatives that don't inflict harm on life, or the environment, or anything else!  

We already know that many of our commercially produced and processed foods, cosmetics, cleaning products, (and many other things we use every day) are laced with ingredients that have been found to be harmful in various ways and in various degrees.   Research is proving that elimination of as much of those harmful ingredients as is feasible might have profoundly positive effects on overall health and well-being.  Yet, our governing bodies overseeing safety of such items as food and consumer products do not seem to believe some of that research; since the toxic and hazardous ingredient use continues; and, for the most part, with the government's blessings.

We must take control of our own health
by eliminating our use and exposure of dangerous, sometimes even deadly, product ingredients.  Reading the labels is important; but in no way is it enough.  We all know that most ingredient labels are written in a language most of us do not understand.  How convenient is that, for keeping us "dumb" about these things? 

The research has already been done on many product ingredients and toxic substances we become exposed to in everyday life.  Now, it's time to bring real transparency to just what some of those components of everyday life are capable of doing to us.  Indeed, it is high time we demand safe products and work toward banning any products known to be generally harmful to life.  Is there really any other way?
How can we, in good conscience, allow such things to continue? 

Let us know your take on some important issues and questions!
Answer these questions now!


Use these links to connect to a wide variety of product ingredient information sources. 
Learn about cancer-causing chemicals, toxic ingredients, dangerous cosmetic ingredients,
toxic food ingredients, pollution of all kinds, and more

Follow this quick-link to the
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Follow this quick-link to the


Follow this quick-link to


Follow this quick-link to

Free MSDS information.
Follow this quick-link to
MSDS information.

Follow this quick-link to

lookup by UPC number.

Follow this quick-link to

lookup via iPhone or cell-phone!

Follow this quick-link to

lookup by UPC number.

NutritionPedia Search

Are we slowly building our own diseases and ailments?

As we all should know by now,
chronic or repeated exposure to some everyday pollutants and toxic product ingredients can add to the collective 'body burden' we are all building within us; which can lead to disease and premature death; if not carefully monitored and controlled.

Read about the , which is made up of a group of scientists who are collecting and evaluating data about the effects of pollution and toxins we are exposed to; and what damage can be expected from such exposures.  Some such exposures are collectively called the body-burden; indicating that many of these exposures might accumulate in the body, and ultimately lead to disease and death. 
Even children are ingesting, inhaling, breathing, applying, chewing, and otherwise being exposed to some pretty ugly substances that their growing bodies struggle to overcome.  Sometimes, unfortunately, they do not overcome the potent effects some substances can bring on.  It seems that many children today are getting diseases and ailments that only a generation ago were thought of as 'aging diseases'; where typically, only those in their waning years experienced. 

Diseases in children like , , , ; and the newly discovered diseases like ; and recently, some suspicions of are puzzling the experts; and there are a lot of signs that point to a variety of 'environmental exposures', as being significantly involved in some of these situations.  It seems like we hear more and more of these sad stories every day, yet our leaders are very slow to become more proactive about it all.

This site is intended to help consumers make informed choices with regard to everyday exposures to product ingredients many consumers just do not understand very much about. 

Thanks for your patience!

Non Toxic Choices, Your Health wants to help!

First, let me explain the name:  'Quing', stands for 'QUery INGredients'; thus one might say; "let me 'quing-it' to learn more about the safety of the product ingredients".

Take a look at the accompanying site pages; How can help; the ;  Article Directory and the rest; for commentary, discussion, and lots of links to a wide variety of product ingredient information.  

You'll find links to several Government agencies (that are allegedly responsible for oversight and regulation of product ingredient safety);  plus, you'll find links to get product information through the EAN or UPC product identification numbers.  Just type the EAN (13 digit) number into the search frame, and hit the enter key (or click the 'Search' button).  You can also search UPC numbers through some of the other links provided. 

The search results will bring up information about the manufacturer and the product, and from there you can browse to find product ingredient (Material Safety Data Sheets) and more.   

Start learning more about what's really in all that funky stuff we eat, drink, touch, breathe, or otherwise become exposed to; and remember, not all of these exposures are necessarily through our own choosing, either!

It is time we take control of what we are accepting as 'safe exposures'; and, if the Government agencies won't protect us, we must protect ourselves.  As they say: Knowledge is power; let's learn the truth, and decide according to that.

The Quing-It vision:

To ultimately establish a means whereby consumers can simply scan a product bar code (UPC, EAN, or other) identification with their Quing-It equipped cell-phone or similar handheld device; which will give an immediate Safe, Caution, or Unsafe general assessment of the overall toxicity or hazards associated with that specific product ingredient information.  Then, if the consumer wishes to learn more, they can link to information about specific ingredients and their MSDS (or other legitimate sources) health ratings; and can also link to Government databases and information resources relative to particular product ingredients.

In the longer term, certain health-risk data could be collected through purchase records; that data could be merged with medical records; and aggregate data could be used to make proactive and effective evaluations regarding wide-spread effects on large groups and populations.  Transparency is key; with the truth comes positive progress.

Take a look at the (opens slide-show file) for an overview of the Quing-It concept and vision.

Or, you can view a quick  (draft quality) video here!

Quing-It -- Google Video

The data is already available; we just want to make it as easy as possible to find it when you want it or need it!!

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